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24 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. We have used the excellent services of Diane at the Dafoe Travel Group for many, many years, and the number of times she has come to the rescue of individual staff members or groups traveling together, is very large. On one occasion a couple of years ago, the runway at Halifax Stanfield International Airport was coated with ice and for several days a group of us made repeated attempts to fly from Toronto, only to be sent back and have to re-book on a flight for the next day. Diane looked after us while others sat with their cell phones trying to deal with call-holding nightmares. As more and more flights were cancelled, the pool of people in the Toronto Airport trying to get onto flights grew and grew. Diane looked after us throughout.

    Recently, our teenage son was flying to Paris on Air Canada for a Rotary exchange, and then continuing on a different airline to his final destination. In the middle of the night, his flight was cancelled because of mechanical problems. Diane was able to arrange both new flights so he could make his trip successfully.

    These are but two of many examples of how having Diane behind us has been invaluable. We will be continuing to work with her, and continuing to recommend her to others.

  2. Flying in from the Netherlands and on our way to St Johns, Newfoundland, we got stuck in Toronto. Diane, who had succesfully arranged some flights before, got into action and within an hour had arranged our departure from Toronto with a stop in Halifax. At Halifax a private charter was waiting and brought us directly to St Johns, where we landed in time for a scheduled press announcement with the Minister of Transportation.

    Diane, can’t thank you enough for your fantastic work!!

    Regards, Jan van Hogerwou
    Damen Shipyards Group

  3. They said it couldn’t be done! I truly needed to get my wife to Toronto at the last minute and, using online websites, we watched the price rise and rise until it was seemingly impossible to make it happen. I called Diane and asked if she could perform a miracle. She did and my wife and I are now happily winging our way to see the kids. Not only did Diane find a super deal for my wife…she also managed to get my flights changed so my wife and I could fly together…without a change fee!

    I am a very happy client.

  4. My family and I have been working with Diane for 25 years and in that time Diane has pulled more rabbits out of her hat than the most seasoned magician. She saved us a lot of money during my husband’s and my cross-country interview process for residencies, helped us organize a complex 6-week trip through southeast Asia and got us home for an emergency from remote northern China in fewer than 24 hours.

    Most recently, she performed her most outstanding feat yet when she orchestrated my obtaining a brand new passport in less than a day, after our dog literally ate mine one hour before our departure for Florida. She also booked new plane tickets on an almost sold-out route, with the result that I lost only 24 hours of my vacation. I otherwise would have missed it completely.

    We could not recommend her highly enough!
    Kiley O’Neill and Christopher King

  5. Diane is truly amazing!!!
    I was stranded at the airport because of an earlier flight cancelation, and was told there was no way I was getting on the following flight because it was oversold. One call to Diane 20 minutes before departure, she was able to accommodate me.
    I still can’t believe she was able to do it so quickly.
    Diane also monitored my return flight and called me when it had also canceled and was able to reroute me on another carrier at the same time so as not to interrupt my schedule.
    Thanks again!

  6. Diane provides outstanding service consistently… Whether it’s getting creative with travel arrangements, accepting 3am calls to deal with airline challenges, or following up with airlines after the fact, she regularly exceeds expectations. A pleasure to do business with!

  7. I would like to notice the most excellent service Dafoe Travel Group Inc. has provided for all our around the world trips. Always prompt and courteous with great communication; finding the best connections with the most fair wait times in addition to our special requests that we tend to through in all the time. Our most recent travel arrangements between Seattle and Gran Canaria were flawless – great flight times, easy connections, and all that considering short notice request that we had!

    I would recommend Dafoe Travel Group Inc. to anyone seeking a strong reliable travel agent, a true expert, for any personal or business trips.

    Best regards,
    Natasha Hanson

  8. My wife and I were trying for months to use our airmiles to travel back from Australia to Canada. We couldn’t make any headway at all even though we were quite flexible on times. We gave up on getting us to Canada but wanted to see if we could get a friend out for Christmas in Oz. Again it looked hopeless until my wife suggested I contact Diane to see if she could help. Within 24 hours she was able to get the business class seats we wanted for our friend to have him arrive in Sydney Christmas morning! Lateral thinking made her think of a route through New Zealand that worked perfectly and more importantly was available out of Vancouver.
    Diane was incredibly effective and always helpful. Thank you Diane and congratulations on having such a successful company.

  9. Last year I went on the trip of a lifetime. Diane arranged for me to go to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, experience an African Safari, and relax on the beach in Zanzibar.
    My trouble began the first night, when my flight to London was cancelled. No problem I was able to get another flight. In London, however, my flight to Africa was cancelled. I was on the phone to Diane at all hours of the evening and morning. She succeeded in finding me a flight to Tanzania so that I could climb Kilimanjaro. My luggage wasn’t going to arrive, but she also convinced me that because I had most of my necessary gear with me (hiking boots, sweaters etc.) that I could go.
    I did go on that trip and it was a very memorable experience.
    Thank you Diane. No other travel agent would have gone the extra mile like you did.

  10. Diane, This vacation to Cuba was so special, thanks to you. We enjoyed our time so much close to Varadero where we heard a Cuban band play under a banyon tree at Parque Josones, given to the people by Fidel Castro. We loved the birds, and nature, and watching Cuban people smiling all around us. Our Sunwing travel guide was excellent beyond our expectations. We had a quiet room overlooking the ocean where we heard the sounds of the waves before we slept. It was a special bonus that you could arrange everything for us to stay four extra nights in beautiful Cuba. I will take you around the world as I plan to travel as long as I can. Thanks again.

  11. Diane has done a number of great trips for me and mine over the years, and everything has always gone smoothly. Good hotels, tours, ferries, flights and connections, etc. She always has options to choose from, all the information at her fingertips, and works hard to make things work well for me. Her voice is always smiling and friendly, she is endlessly helpful, and a pleasure to work with.

    Good luck with your adventures, wherever they lead you,

    Mary Lou

  12. As a business traveler I am experienced to know what service is and is not and these days the ‘not’ seems to outweigh the ‘is’. Traveling with Dafoe Travel Group is not only a work commitment but a pleasure with personal service by the owner far exceeding any other company. If you wish to book a ticket and get on a plane Dafoe Travel Group is not for you; if you want to buy a ticket and have someone care about how you get to the airport and the seat you sit in on the aircraft that is what you get from this travel agent.
    Thank you Diane for everything and keep up the great work you and your staff do.

  13. Diane (and friends):

    For over six years now, from Texas to summers in the high Arctic and winters in odd places such as Indonesia, Diane is the one who always gets me there and back. Diane always finds a way to get me from wherever odd place I happen to be to where I am going. If there is an upgrade to be had, she can find it. Even when last minute changes happen, she seems to be able to find a way to get there. With awesome abilities, skill, patience, and craftsmanship, she always seems to find a way.

    I have never had the pleasure to have had such an efficient travel agent in addition to being such a sincere and nice person. Many thanks Diane, and thanks to you I look forward to every single time I have to travel.

    To the best travel agent around,
    David V

    QC Representative
    RPS Energy

  14. Diane Is Amazing !

    Recently I lost my passport and I was stranded in San Diego after a thirty day cruise. The airline would not allow me to travel and it left me with three days to get to Halifax for my daughters wedding.

    Somehow, and I don’t know how, Diane managed to get me on three flights and a ground transportation. I arrived home with a day to spare.

    I don’t know what I would have done without her skills and expertise.

    Thank you Diane!

    The wedding was wonderful.

  15. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Diane, you do amazing work! Your patience and perseverance is second to none. We can’t thank you enough for getting us over all of the obstacles that were thrown our way over our Christmas vacation. Thank you for getting such a huge mess straightened out so we could continue on our way. We certainly learned a lesson about trying to do this all ourselves. Thank heavens we had you to rescue us and fix all of the mistakes. You were definitely our “travel angel”.
    Sincerely yours,
    Sue and John Silliker

  16. Diane
    You are truly the person that saved Christmas for our family. In the space of a few hours, in what must be the most challenging of travel situations – the chaos at Heathrow in the week before Christmas – you were able to arrange to change the tickets of my daughter and her husband so they could get home from Europe. As my daughter said it was our Christmas miracle, one for which you were responsible. The word resourceful doesn’t do you justice.
    Thank you again.
    Harvey Morrison

  17. “Diane (Dafoe Travel Group) and has been especially helpful in getting me and my company’s employees where we need to be. She is very resourceful and provides timely support that is just not available from the large travel websites. All our travel is booked through Diane. “


    Steve Davies, MBA, P.Eng., PMP
    Third Wave Consulting

  18. Dear Diane.

    I would personally like to thank you for the service I as well as other people in my company have received from you and Dafoe Travel since you started.

    Having worked with you as my agent for many, many years it is great to know that the level of service I have become used to has continued with your new company. Your knowledge and hard work is much appreciated.

    I look forward to continuous excellent service and trust me I have no hesitations to recommend your services to any and all of my friends and industry colleagues.

    All the best,

    Martin Karlsen


    Karlsen Shipping Co. Ltd./

    Polar Star Expeditions

  19. I’ve been using Dafoe Travel Group for my recent travels. I have known Diane since 1994 as Diane spent countless hours training me fresh out of my travel and tourism course. I had a very successful 8 years as a travel agent and owe much of my success to Diane. Now that I have left the Travel Industry I have put my trust in Diane to take care of my travel needs. Diane is hard working and you know that she will always go above and beyond. I witnessed many small miracles while working along side her! I have just returned from New York City and now I am looking forward to Disney in 2011. Thank you Diane!!!

  20. I’ve been using Diane for almost all my travel, business or personal, since 1986 (I think!). Airlines, rail lines, and hotels have screwed up, but she never has. She proves every trip why travel agents provide value. Those of us who make our livings having others pay us for what we know best should remember – we aren’t travel agents. Diane’s strength is the follow up – from being available when she knows some airport is a big mess, even pre-booking backup flights while you’re still on the (late) plane, you simply are taken care of. Some might say this type of service is an affordable luxury, but if you really want to travel with less stress, it’s a necessity.

  21. “Diane is an experienced professional who consistently exceeds her customer’s expectations. Her proactive thinking and pragmatic solutions are a key enabler of any global business; allowing her clients to focus on their business rather than managing complex itineraries. I am happy to give Diane my strongest recommendation as a travel industry service provider.” September 22, 2009

    Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

    Scott Jardine

  22. Diane,

    Thanks so much for your help with my recent vacation travel. I realize you are a business travel expert, but you also do very good work on vacation travel. How you managed to find flights and times that I couldn’t find from the same airlines web site still impresses me. Thanks for going the extra mile to ensure my vacation travel went smoothly.


  23. Dear Diane:

    I want to thank you so much for the excellent service we have been receiving from you and from Dafoe Travel Group Inc.

    Whether it is personal or for business; across Atlantic Canada or across the ocean, your knowledge, ability and intuition have always served us well.

    Particularly helpful to us has been your research into the best connections and the best available prices. Your recent business class connections to Florence and return on Swiss International offered us the combination of superb service and true value.

    We are happy to refer to you as our “Truly Excellent and Highly Esteemed Travel Consultant” and to refer our many friends and acquaintances to you for the same level of diligence and care you and Dafoe Travel Group Inc. always exemplify.

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