MS Bike Tour

2012 MS Bike Tour

2012 MS Bike Tour

It was once said by someone way more astute than I am that the true test of our characters is not what we do for ourselves but what we do for others. This past weekend, I had the tremendous opportunity to join with four great friends to try to do something truly wonderful for the Multiple Sclerosis cause. The four of them, a retired person, a lawyer, a business executive and a law student, joined with me to ride in Nova Scotia’s annual Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tour. Between the five of us, we raised almost $80,000, bringing our multi-year team total to almost $500,000. And we had so much fun doing it. Even the more than 100 kilometres on the bikes didn’t seem like an effort. It was warm but not hot. There was hardly a cloud in the sky. In the spots where the terrain got a little challenging, there were always lots of smiles and laughs to see us all through.

Every one of the almost 350 riders in this year’s event really believes that she or he can really help to end Multiple Sclerosis; a horrible disease which strikes indiscriminately, affects four times as many women as men, is usually diagnosed between the late teens and the late thirties years and which can devastatingly affect mobility, energy, concentration and eye sight. How privileged my friends and I are that we were able to use our able bodies to raise money for such a cause.

And the really special thank you goes out to so many of my clients and the other people around me who donated sufficiently that I was able to personally add almost $15,000 to the almost $80,000 total which our team raised. And the money still continues to flow. How privileged I am to work with such a generous group of clients. Thank you so much.

Diane Dafoe

Dafoe Travel Group Incorporated

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